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Torno subito

Torno subito

After all, keeping death in mind always reduces the stupid things of life.

Planning the ’event of events’ is the job of every funeral home; the one of Torno subito, however, organizes it to those who are still alive. In a sort of overturned Spoon River, Chiara Cannito’s brilliant pen accompanies the reader until she asks herself «What is the funeral I would like?». A novel that ranges from hilarious to introspective and which, between hilarious jokes and tragicomic scenes, demonstrates how recounting death is a therapy against death itself, and how this inevitably always leads to life.

Publishing house:

Argentodorato Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Ferrara

Number of pages: 201

Price: € 13,00

ISBN: 9788894448276

Torno subito

Chiara Cannito

Chiara Cannito was born in Bitonto in 1975; in 1999 she graduated in modern literature. She is vice president of Ulixes scs with the function of cultural project manager and teaching expert. There are numerous works published so far with the publishing houses Elledici, Gelsorosso, Quorum and Secop Edizioni. Torno subito is her latest novel, with which she ranked first in the literary competition “Il funerale che vorrei”, organized by Argentodorato Editore.