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Città silenziose

Covid-19 was like an overwhelming wave that put a strain on everyone\’s lives, imposing drastic changes in the simplest, most intimate, daily gestures. At the same time, however, it also proved to be an important opportunity to reflect, to amplify one\’s knowledge and to learn how to look at the world from a new, different perspective.Precisely this was the goal of the competition launched in 2020 by Argentodorato Editore, which invited participants to draw inspiration from the climate of suspension and the rarefied atmosphere created in the inhabited centers to elaborate in written form the flow of emotions that overwhelmed during those long months.This small collection is the result. Six short stories with dreamlike and somewhat melancholy tones, with surreal features, but also shamelessly realistic. Six stories that will accompany the reader to discover individual and collective paths that unfold in villages of eternal beauty; in future and timeless dimensions; in the gestures, words and reflections of those who have experienced the taste of solitude, but thanks to it, they have been transformed. A rich plot of personal experiences which, reworking a single, great event, lead to the discovery of this new reality dotted with invisible cities.

Bonora Mirella, Cannito Chiara, Richebbi Elisabetta, Marelli Clara, Madia Veronica, Da Ponte Daniele

Some authors of our publishing house participated in this collection: Mirella Bonora (Ferrara), Chiara Cannito (Bitonto), Elisabetta Richebbi (La Spezia), Clara Marelli (Siena), Veronica Madia (Ferrara), Daniele Da Ponte (Belluno).