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Tra(me E me). Un dialogo interiore

Tra(me E me) is a short poetic collection, composed in the wake of three years of change. 2019 welcomed me in Germany: during my PhD at Federico II I worked for a year in Bavaria, at the University of Würzburg. The serene atmosphere and the novelty of solitude allowed me to get back to writing. The following two years, back in Italy, I was locked up at home, like everyone else, at the mercy of the pandemic monster. While I was working on my doctoral thesis, on an unpublished Epicurus papyrus, I also focused on myself. The collection includes personal and other people’s stories in a continuous inner dialogue with a lyrical you, which facilitates the task of self-analysis and avoids the fear of judgement.

Angelica De Gianni, Irpinian from the East, born in Bisaccia, teaches literary subjects. He trained in Naples at the Federico II University: after graduating in Classical Philology, he obtained a PhD in Papyrology. This is his first literary work.