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Labor and delivery without fear sheds light on the possibilities that are now available to live the moment of childbirth in respect of the naturalness of the event and the welfare of mother and child, explaining how suffering can be a powerful weapon that nature provides the woman to guide her in the process that leads to birth. It is not always easy, it is necessary to accompany the birth that returns to the woman the innate and instinctive ability to give birth, consisting of confidence in her body and in their skills. In this book, midwife Emanuela Rocca delves into the techniques of alternative analgesia, such as the assumption of particular positions, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture and other methods to address and overcome the pain of childbirth naturally.

Emanuela Rocca, mother of three children and freelance midwife in Genoa, deals with assistance to pregnancy, accompaniment to birth, assistance to labor and puerperium, breastfeeding and early years of child life. She deeply believes in the wisdom of women and their ability to give life and care for their newborn and in the figure of the midwife as the one who accompanies them through this discovery, with respect and trust.