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Five cats from five different countries walk to reach Trunkerumpampumera, a special place located very high. To get there you have to make a jump that only a cat can do. One after the other, the first four cats succeed. But Auallamiao is not.Frimiao, Rumao, Harmumamao and Cinkomao then do not hesitate to retrace their steps, to help what they understand at that moment to be a friend. This particular book intertwines the music, characteristic of the necklace, with a language invented to play and educate on the universal value of integration.

Subject: Music

Publishing house:

Carthusia Edizioni

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italy

Number of pages: 32

Price: 17,90 €

ISBN: 9788869450945

Foreign rights manager:


Elisabetta Garilli - Valeria Petrone

Elisabetta Garilli – text and musics. Valeria Petrone – illustrations