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Among the friends on the stradone, Fred is the oldest, then there are his younger brother Lore, the irrepressible Sveva, Edo and his nosy little sister Sandrina. For some time now, in the old building at the end of the slope, a man shrouded in mystery has come to stay, with a talking bird on his balcony who seems to know them well. Fred is the only one who has seen him in the flesh – or so he says – and, during those murky summer evenings, he tells his friends many disturbing details about him. His house, moreover, is perpetually plunged into darkness. What lurks in the darkness? Is that man really the monster Fred described to them?The time has come to find out, through an extremely dangerous and exciting mission that will take them straight into his life.

Matteo Grimaldi, born in L’Aquila, now lives in Florence where he teaches in a primary school. He made his debut in children’s literature with La famiglia X (The X Family), a novel that triggered a profound discussion on his Facebook page on the subject of homosexual parenthood. With Il violino di Filo (Giunti), strongly inspired by his life experience – Matteo was in L’Aquila during the 2009 earthquake – he won the National Children’s Literature Award ‘Il Gigante delle Langhe 2023’.