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The  web  is  an  immense  and  dark  container.  How  many  things  can  we  find  inside?  And  how  many,  instead,  in  the  unfathomable  abysses  of  the  dark  web?  Not  even  Miky,  a  slacker  and  computer  expert,  could  have  known  this  before  stumbling  upon  a  mysterious  App:  «to  fulfill  your  every  wish»  read  the  announcement.  Together  with  friends  Rosy  and  Mauro,  and  the  cat  Spred,  he  will  face  what  he  will  only  eventually  discover  to  be  an  extravagant  and  diabolical  agreement.

Gianni Bortolaso. Class of 1974. Born and raised in the heart of north-eastern Veneto. Hotelier training institute, then entrepreneur and trader by family inheritance, he never disdained the artistic vocation. Always with an open project where you can hit your head and your dreams, he doesn’t want to define himself as a writer: «Le\’s not joke. If you really want to give me a definition, call me storyteller ».