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Un birraio in cucina (A Brewer in the Kitchen)

Discover today’s world of beer and all the different styles, as well as their history, features and recommended pairings.

The book provides a simple yet thorough description of forty different beer styles, recommending an outstanding Italian craft beer for each one as well as the ideal pairings with Italian cuisine.

The book also suggests thirty easy recipes using traditional Italian ingredients. Each recipe comes with mouth-watering pictures of the dish.

At the end of the book you can find a list of the best Italian craft beers and a comprehensive guide to hops, malts and glasses.

The book is suitable for beer newbies and connoisseurs alike. Thanks to its layout you can enjoy it in one go or use it as your go-to touchstone for all your beer queries.

Gatto Jacopo

Jacopo Gatto is a journalist, writer, craft brewer and cuisine lover. He has written for a number of publications including La Prova del Cuoco Magazine, where he edited the section on beer styles and cooking with beer.