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Vico dei miracoli. Vita oscura e tormentata del più grande pensatore italiano

With the verve of the storyteller and the precision of the historian, Veneziani tells us the tormented life of one of the great philosophers of our tradition. Everything flows like a novel, but every detail is truthful: his birth and troubled childhood; his work as a tutor; his first academic steps; the incredible family vicissitudes; his relations with the Church, royalty and nobility; his misunderstood works; his old age, death and the farce of repeated funerals; and his posthumous glory. Vico dei miracoli is an unusual and compelling book, a powerful picture of an era, an original thought and a great and singular man.

Marcello Veneziani founded and directed magazines and wrote for various newspapers, from Il Giornale to Libero, from Corriere della Sera to La Repubblica and Il Messaggero. Among his latest essays: Anima e corpo (Mondadori, 2014), Ritorno al Sud (Mondadori, 2014), Un’ora d’aria (Avagliano, 2015), Lettera agli italiani (Marsilio, 2015), Alla luce del mito (Marsilio, 2017), La leggenda di Fiore (Marsilio 2021).