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Voodinì. L’ermetico caso del baule invisibile

Voodinì. L’ermetico caso del baule invisibile

On a very hot summer day, Voodini’s grandmother receives a letter: she has been called to Haiti urgently, without any warning. Will Voodini be all alone? No, Bricks, will be with her. Bricks is a strange and mysterious boy. His grandmother seems to have great confidence in him. The first evening that they are home alone, Voodini and Bricks watch a horror movie together and end up jumping at every tiny creak the house makes. They soon realize, however, that all of the noises they are hearing are real and their imaginations have nothing to do with it. They search the whole house but the only place they are not able to search is inside of a very mysterious trunk that is closed with a heavy padlock …

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Giunti Editore

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 288

Price: 12

ISBN: 9788809891333

Foreign rights manager:

Voodinì. L’ermetico caso del baule invisibile

Silvana Zancolò

Silvana Zancolò is a director and lives in Milan, Italy. Voodini is her first children’s book series and was originally conceived as an idea for an animated cartoon.