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The cinema of Tim Burton as you have never tasted it. A journey into the work of the talented Californian director seen from a particular point of observation: the dishes loved by the characters. If it is true that we are what we eat, this bookis an exciting journey among melancholic children, poetic adolescents, enchanted, fragile and excluded figures, and monstrous creatures more scared than frightening, starting from the table. Francesca Rosso, among cakes with extraordinary powers and bewitched apples, best expresses the spectacular, poetic and overwhelming vision of the director. Recipes and drawings are a delicious side dish to a book to be enjoyed.

Francesca Rosso

Francesca Rosso, graduated in History and Criticism of Cinema, has completed a master\’s degree in \’Mindfulness\’ at the University La Sapienza in Rome.She is a journalist, sommelier, scholar of gastronomy, practitioner and instructor of yoga and meditation. With the same unusual point of view she faces life and writing.