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A tavola alla Banditaccia

A tavola alla Banditaccia

With this unusual guide I expect to awaken the audience’s curiosity about the Etruscan civilization -which is rarely spoken of, but which each of its aspects has so much to narrate about-, and at the same time about the territories of Cerveteri, Santa Marinella and the surroundings, places which represent the foundation of our origins. The Banditaccia’s archaeological site is a historical corner to be visited so as to breathe a distant air, nonetheless present in our DNA, and that each one of us should attempt to discover, at least once in our lifetime. I was not only lucky because I lived in Cerveteri, but also because I met people who made me fall in love with this place, such as the great Ennio Tirabassi, who has cooperated with enormous enthusiasm and professionality to the creation of the mini-guide you will find inside the book, providing news and images which follow through a fast but efficient journey across the Necropolis.The recipes instead are an old idea of mine, linked to a passion toward a land which still offers healthy and high-quality food, with its agricultural and wine-producing businesses, and with a culinary tradition passed onacross the generations.

Genre: Narrative

Subject: Arti e storia dell\'arte / Architettura

Publishing house:

Prospettiva editrice

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Civitavecchia

Number of pages: 74

Price: 12

ISBN: 9788894995107

A tavola alla Banditaccia

Laura Pastore

Laura Pastore was born in Rome on August 4th, 1973, and she is the daughter of the actress Jeannette Len and the director Sergio Pastore.She studied law at University, along with journalism and publicity, and she initiated her political career at a young age, precisely in the Municipality of Cerveteri, where she became first elected in 1998 as city counselor, then she acted as Deputy Mayor, role she performed for two mandates.