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A woman, an artist, a mother. Adelaida Gigli was one of the most surprising female figures of the last century in Argentina. Ready to hide weapons and dissidents in her home, to laugh in the face of power, to rebel against conventions, to show herself exuberant and irreverent, Adelaida always expressed herself to the full and had to pay for the horror of censorship, dictatorship and loss in her own skin. Adrián N. Bravi’s portrait of her is passionate and vivid.

Adrián N. Bravi was born in Buenos Aires and lived there until the late 1980s, when he moved to Italy to pursue his studies in philosophy. In 1999, he made his debut as a Spanish-language narrator but then chose to write in Italian. His novels include La pelusa (Nottetempo, 2007), Sud 1982 (Nottetempo, 2008), Il riporto (Nottetempo, 2011), L’albero e la vacca (Feltrinelli, 2013), L’idioma di Casilda Moreira (Exòrma, 2019) and Il levitatore (Quodlibet, 2020).