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Parents and children in transformation. How to cope with the critical stage of their children's adolescence by taking on the role of guide, educating young people about a genuine desire to grow.

Adolescence is a period of metamorphosis, physical and psychological, experienced by our children under the influence (often negative) of the digital world. The boys, left alone in ‘self-management’, tend to orient themselves along the lines of their peers, suffering the pressure of today’s society, marked by narcissism, consumerism and competition. In the book Adolescenza by Ilaria Caprioglio, parents discover how to return to assuming, with coherence and responsibility, the role of guide to educate young people to a genuine desire for growth.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Pedagogy and education

Publishing house:

Il leone verde Edizioni

Year of publication: 2015

Published in: Torino

Number of pages: 118

Price: 14

ISBN: 9788865801161

Foreign rights manager: Anna Spadolini


Ilaria Caprioglio

Ilaria Caprioglio, lawyer and writer, is married and mother of three children. She supports social initiatives aimed at young people and promotes, in Italian schools, awareness projects on the effects of media pressure and the pitfalls of the web.She is vice-president of the association Mi nutro di vita and creator of the National Day of the Lilac Ribbon against eating disorders.