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Arance sulla neve

Arance sulla neve

A skilful interweaving of past and present, able to give back to the reader images and suggestions through a compelling and refined writing..

«Already on the phone, when they ask for an appointment, the voices are a Chopinian score: sad, worried, stammering, faux-confident, anxiously accelerated, depressed, desperate. I listen, take notes, a few questions at first, in a calm, reassuring tone. I mark dates, times, explain where my office is and on the other side of the line the voice is already different, the tone is hopeful».

In the stories of Mariella Piccolo, the office of a psychotherapist becomes the scene of an experience dislocated on a plurality of space-time planes. Each story starts from short extracts of patients’ confidences, confidences that bring back to the mind of the narrator distant memories that the power of memory translates into a story able to excite the reader through a precise and refined narration.


Genre: Narrative

Subject: Psychology

Publishing house:

Betti Editrice

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Siena

Number of pages: 216

Price: 16 euro

ISBN: 9788875766627

Foreign rights manager: Luca Betti

Arance sulla neve

Mariella Piccolo

Mariella Piccolo was born in Calabria, in a village of Sila. She studied at the Sapienza University in Rome and graduated in Psychology at the University of Padua. She lives in Modena and works as a psychotherapist, a job that she defines as a “missed writer”. She cultivates many passions: among them music, cinema, literature, painting and photography.. She writes, as those who love to write, since ever, and is an avid reader of foreign fiction.