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When a poet anthologizes himself, he does not just make a selection of his most successful or well-known poems, but undertakes to provide the reader with the coordinates of a path that over time has taken the form of a dialogue with his own inner world and with the reality that surrounds him. Such is the case with this volume by Nino De Vita, considered one of the most significant voices in contemporary Italian poetry. De Vita offers a selection that is both personal and exemplary, starting with his first collection, Fosse Chiti, and ending with his most recent, Tiatru, concluding with a selection of unpublished works that anticipates the current direction of his poetry. Il bianco della luna opens the door to a worldview that stems from one of his many navels: for the poet, the Sicilian contrada of Cutusìo, whose dialectal lexicon permeates the work, which thus becomes the treasure chest of words otherwise at risk of being lost without memory.Pierluigi Cappello Prize 2021. Preface by Emanuele Trevi.

Series “novecento/duemila” directed by Diego Bertelli and Raoul Bruni

Nino De Vita (Marsala, 1950) made his debut, in 1984, with the verse collection Fosse Chiti, Cittadella Prize, which was followed by a trilogy in Sicilian dialect: Cutusìu (Mesogea 2001), Mondello Prize, Cùntura (Mesogea 2003), Naples Prize, Nnòmura (Mesogea 2005), Salvo Basso and Bartolo Cattafi Prizes. In 1996 he was awarded the Alberto Moravia Prize for his poetic work; in 2009 the Tarquinia- Cardarelli Prize and in 2012 the Ignazio Prize.