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Castro. The last

Neither Marxist icon, nor the result of the cold war: Fidel Castro, the last Catholic King, is the most consistent heir of Hispanic Christianity in Latin America.Galician and Cuban, Jesuit and Communist, his human and political parable is the ideal continuation of the eternal Spanish Catholic struggle against the Enlightenment and liberal modernity. His biography, from his education to his regime, express the organic conception of the typical world of that heritage; his visceral hatred for liberalism, representative democracy, the individual freedoms, the market economy and the Western countries are its natural corollary.Fidel Castro emerges in this volume as a religious leader rather than political; as King and Pontiff of a confessional order that merged what liberalism had separated: policy and religion, individual and community, State and society. The totalitarian nature of his regime did not imitate the allies socialists, but it was the spontaneous fruit of the anti-liberal matrix of Latin populism: falangism, Peronism, chavismo. His ethical State was dedicated to catechize the faithful and to convert the unbelievers with the cross of his faith and the sword of his armies. His communism is a Christian utopia, culminating in the invocation of the union of Christians and Muslims against liberal and capitalist sin.

Genre: Biographies/autobiographies/memoirs

Subject: History / Philosophy / Religion

Publishing house:

Salerno Editrice

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: roma, italy

Number of pages: 448

Price: 25 euro

ISBN: 978-88-6973-442-7

Foreign rights manager: Cetty Spadaro


Loris Zanatta

Loris Zanatta teaches History of Latin America at the University of Bologna. Author of numerous studies in Italy and abroad, he has published among other works Populism (Rome 2013, Buenos Aires 2014, Madrid  2015); The imperial dreams of Perón (Padova 2016). 

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