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Claudio Pistolesi knows the world tennis limelight like few others, and in this long, freewheeling account he shares with readers the thousands of stories that have seen him as a protagonist or witness during his career on and off the court. Amidst tournaments, locker rooms, training sessions and trips to the four corners of the globe, face to face with the greats and greats of professional tennis (and here they are almost all there, starting with Adriano Panatta), his memories bring to the surface the enthusiasm, tensions, hopes and disappointments that this extraordinary sport brings with it, together with the profound changes that have changed the dynamics of the game over the last thirty years. And amidst the many emotions experienced at first hand, there is also room for more light-hearted and amusing anecdotes: like the time when he had to – as coach – hearten Federer for losing a final against ‘his’ athlete, or when at the US Open in NYC (in front of 20,000 spectators), as a young tennis player and opponent of the US legend Connors, he was mistaken for one of his fans and promptly blocked at the entrance to the court.

Claudio Pistolesi started playing at a very young age. He was ITF Junior World Champion in 1985. On 12 April 1987 he won an ATP title in Bari, reaching his best ranking on 17 August 1987, at position number 71, and holding the title of Italian number one in 1988. His career as a tennis coach began in 1995 when he became coach of the American Monica Seles. Today he presides and directs the company he founded, Claudio Pistolesi Enterprise.