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Cinque fate e un gatto nero

Cinque fate e un gatto nero


Fear is spiteful and plays hide and seek in the strangest places: in the silence of the night, under the bed or in the darkness of the drawer. He enjoys causing shivers, jolts and goosebumps.

Fear likes to cause chills, jolts and goosebumps. His voice resembles a grunt and sometimes the howl of a wolf. But there is certainly a trick to keep it at bay as it  is! The girl in this story is very curious, she would like to explore the world around her, but sometimes fear stops her, if she hears a noise she fears that there is a monster in the dark or in the closet. At a certain point, however, he takes courage to help the ants, which he believes in danger, and it is by taking courage that he discovers a beautiful thing inside the drawer. An illustrated book that shows how curiosity is an excellent tool for knowledge and growth.

Genre: Kids

Subject: Pedagogy and education

Publishing house:

Fasi di Luna edizioni

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 32

Price: 12,00

ISBN: 978-88-96939-53-6

Premi: nessuno

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Cinque fate e un gatto nero

Rosa Tiziana Bruno

Rosa Tiziana Bruno is the author of essays on education and fairy tales, she conducts studies on the use of fairy tales in teaching. she is a teacher and author of numerous books for children and teenagers. she is a teacher trainer at the Municipality of Rome and writes in the Education 2.0 column of Corriere della Sera.

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