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Elena is on holiday with her parents in the town of Paestum and is quietly drying off in the sun when a child decides to dive in right next to her, splashing her with sea water. Phil is about her age and knows a lot about Poseidonia, the ancient name for Paestum. In fact he knows a bit too much and Elena is worried that he is telling lies, since he claims to live in Poseidonia and to have been born 3000 years ago.

Phil then decides to tell her his secret: there is a special moment before sunset when, by diving into an underwater cave, one can travel through time. The kids dive in and Elena finds herself in the beautiful city of Poseidonia, where, guided by Phil, she discovers a lot of interesting facts about Magna Graecia.

Learning History has never been so much fun!

This book has been chosen by the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia for a route based on the escape room game to be offered to children and students visiting the historical site.

Rosa Tiziana Bruno

Rosa Tiziana Bruno is a sociologist and a teacher, author of many essays on education, fairy tales and novels. Since 2014 she is the artistic director of “Scampia Storytelling”, a children’s book festival. In 2017 she won the International Writers Awards in Los Angeles. She was among the nominees for the Premio Strega Ragazzi in 2016 and the Premio Bancarellino in 2017 and 2018. She is a member of ICWA (Italian Children’s Writers Association).