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The Zitti pastry store delicately recounts diversity and invites us to reflect on the incommunicability of modern life. The protagonist opens a pastry store in a city similar to many others, where haste is the master and where the inhabitants are unable to listen to each other. Soon everyone realizes that Mr. Zitti’s pastries are special, but what is the secret that makes them delicious? His secret ingredient, very rare to find: together with flour and sugar, he mixes a little of his silence! And that silence is transmitted to the customers for a few moments and gives the joy of finally understanding each other. The pastry chef gives others the ability to listen to voices, sounds, nature. He, who cannot hear, has two huge elephant ears, which symbolize the ability to dedicate himself to others and therefore to “listen”. Because deep understanding does not always need words to exist.

Rosa Tiziana Bruno, sociologist and teacher, is the author of essays on education, fairy tales and novels. In 2017, she won the International Writers Awards, awarded by the Institute for Education, Research and Scholarship (IFERS) in Los Angeles.

Passionate about manga from an early age, Paolo Proietti attended the International School of Comics. In 2016 he won the famous International Children’s Illustration Award Scarpetta d’Oro. Children books are now his greatest passion