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An exploration into Dante’s world in a popular spirit. A journey through critical and bibliographical citations, covering passages from the Comedy and its influence on the art world. Dante is a central protagonist in the European and international literary and cultural panorama. The aim of this essay on Dante is to provide a contemporary overview of Dante Alighieri’s thought and work. An exploration into Dante’s world with a popular spirit: his relations with Florence, poetry, politics; Beatrice; the links that the exiled Dante forged in his long pilgrimage, leaving precious testimonies. There is also a comparison between Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, and the influence that the Divine Comedy has exerted, and continues to exert, on the Arts: the role of Dante’s characters in the collective imagination of cinema, theatre, the visual arts and the artistic expressions of poets and writers such as Pound and Borges. A complex and fascinating journey, enriched by Dante’s life, an overview of The Comedy and an exhaustive bibliography.

Paolo Montanari was born in Pesaro, where he lives and works. A publicist journalist, he is a member of various literary juries and has been a cultural operator for 25 years; in collaboration with the Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso di Pesaro, he organises meetings on various cultural interests. He has held seminars at the Faculty of Communication Sciences on cinema, in particular on directors Rossellini and Olmi. He organised an important conference, also in Pesaro, on Pier Paolo Pasolini.