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Global warming. Greta Thunberg. CO2. Renewable energies. We hear these words every day. But are we really sure we really know what it’s all about? And is it really true that our planet is overheating? With a concise, ironic and rigorous tone, and with the help of infographics and illustrations, Federico Grazzini and Sergio Rossi face the thorniest topic of recent years in a simple way accompanying us step by step to discover everything we need to know about the past, the present and the future of our planet. They teach us to understand how the atmosphere works, what consequences global warming has and how we can act in everyday life: whether to take care of the environment, or continue to suffer torrential rains, tropical heat and ever higher tides. It\’s time to tackle the issue and make a commitment: since \’there is no planet B\’, it is up to all of us to take care of the one we live in now.

Federico Grazziniis a meteorological physicist and chief weather-forecaster at the environmental agency Arpae Hydro-Weather-Climate Service. He’s undertaking a PhD at Munich University in Bavaria. Sergio Rossi is a physicist and works in publishing as a writer, populariser and editor. Among his latest scientific books: Pitagora e il teorema più famoso del mondo (EL, 2019) and Einstein l\’aveva capito (Feltrinelli, 2017).