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Fuori fuoco (Out of focus)

Fuori fuoco (Out of focus)

Foreign rights sold:
French (La joie de lire); Bulgarian (Knigopisl); Macedonian (Bata Press)


1914-1918. The story of a family told by a bright young girl. Talking about war from the viewpoint of one who doesn’t make it.

“When war broke out we were all pleased”. Jolanda, also known as Jole, was already working at the spinning-wheel at the age of thirteen during the summer of 1914. It didn’t take her long to understand and suffer for the consequences of a conflict that sent the men away and left the women alone. Separated from her mother, traumatised by the bombings, she and her sister will roam the countryside looking for a grandmother that they have never met before. Through the voice of Jole – a penetrating, vivid first person narrator – their experiences are those of all the women who stay out of the line of fire, far from the front, blurred, almost invisible, while History proceeds, ruthlessly. Thirteen narrated images, like photos missing from a family album, punctuate a narration based on diaries, testimonies, reports and documents.

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2014

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 208

Price: € 12,00

ISBN: 9788845272592

Foreign rights manager: Manuela Melato,

Premi: Strega Ragazzi Prize 2016; Orbil Prize 2015; Special Andersen Prize 2015; Alvaro-Bigiaretti Prize 2015; Laura Orvieto Prize 2015

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Fuori fuoco (Out of focus)

Chiara Carminati

Chiara Carminati is author of stories, poems and plays for children and youngsters. She holds workshops and meetings to promote reading in libraries, schools and bookshops. Among her books: Rime chiaroscure, L’ultima fuga di Bach and Semplicemente Lili, Perlaparola, Poesie per aria.
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