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Guida tascabile per maniaci dei libri per ragazzi

Children’s and young people’s literature is an extraordinary and ever-changing territory, a boundless open space made up of fairy tales, fables, novels, short stories, poems, diaries… This new Clichy ‘pocket guide’ is an orientation map for curious readers eager to move through what has been written, designed and thought up for the youngest readers over time and up to the present day: the books needed to grow up, the classics of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the unmissable titles, the writers, the illustrators not to be forgotten, the small-big issues addressed and much more. All in the manner of Clichy guides, with reasoned bibliographies, hundreds of entries on titles and authors, without the audacity to consider it a definitive catalogue but with the aspiration to help its readers enjoy the panorama and find their way among books, to be ready to set off again for new literary explorations.

Behind the name of the authors of this book, The Book Fools Bunch, lies a group of experienced and maniacal Italian publishing workers, based in Florence.

Carla Ghisalberti (Rome, 1959) studied History of Art and worked on that for fifteen years. Then she swerved and began to take an interest in children’s literature. For the past ten years, she has been working in the editorial office of Orecchio acerbo.