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Helios – La via dell’Essere

Helios – La via dell’Essere


Helios La via dell’Essere (Helios The Path of Being), first published by Edizioni Il Ciliegio in 2015, is being offered to the public a few years later with a new graphic design, in an unexpected and dramatic context which seems to cry out for the novel’s courageous message of hope. Following a mysterious inner calling, Helios sets off on an adventurous journey, strewn with trials and continuous metamorphoses that will reveal itself to be a path of spiritual growth and rebirth. Singular and enigmatic characters, archetypes of his own Self, will sustain him in the fight with his Shadow, until the culmination of his transfiguration and unraveling of the mystery that gives this fascinating plot of freedom and redemption the élan of a thriller. The pillars of this book, in a continuous intertwining of fantasy and reality, of prose and poetic images, yet without a speck of rhetoric, are friendship and love. The transformation of Helios, his commitment to social themes and his will to awaken people’s dormant awareness are an important warning to all. A portentous and magnetic novel, an inspired and visionary work, an unusual and captivating story.

Reading Committee, Italo Calvino Award: “A singular, fascinating novel that recalls Marquez and South American fiction, yet imposes itself for its very personal style.”

Giuseppe Manica, renowned Professor, ex-Director Italian Cultural Institutes abroad: “A novel, Roberta Fabbri’s, that is rhetoric-free and both magical and poetic at once and which cannot go unnoticed by the reading public. Her cultured and refined writing, albeit at times arduous, captures our attention by the richness of its lexicon and by the use of similes and symbolisms that confer to the novel a completely original style.”

Marco Guzzi, famous poet and philosopher: Helios greatly struck me. It is an intense story that narrates the development of a search for oneself, for true life, for the meaning of our earthly existence. I sometimes thought of Hesse, due to the dialectic between sensual and spiritual life.”

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2015

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 352

Price: 18,00 euro

ISBN: 9788867712007

Foreign rights manager:

Helios – La via dell’Essere

Roberta Fabbri

Roberta Fabbri’s debut novel Helios Helios The Path of Being won the Mario Luzi Award 2021. Roberta over the years won, besides the 2007 Premio Editoriale L’Incontro Award with publication for Poesie a Carlo, more than twenty national awards for her poetry, which is featured in various anthologies. She teaches by profession and lives in the province of Grosseto.