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Hyperversum Ultimate

Phoenix, Arizona, near future. Alex has decided: she will return to the Middle Ages to find Marc, who has since become first knight of Louis IX. Besides defying her father’s wrath, she will have to accept the pain of separation from her family, but nothing can make her give up the feelings she has. Love, adventure, mystery: the world of Hyperversum is enriched with new nuances.

Born in Modena, she loves novels and adventure cinema in all possible meanings, from fantasy to mystery and science fiction, but also comics and cartoons, archaeology, history and role-playing games. And it is precisely these passions of hers that have allowed her to create the Hyperversum saga that has brought her to the attention of the public with an extraordinary success evidenced by more than 180,000 copies sold. Hyperversum I, Hyperversum II – The Falcon and the Lion and Hyperversum III – The Knight of Time have been published by Giunti. After having published with Mondadori Gens Arcana, a fantasy novel set in the Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent, and Millennium of Fire, a diptych composed of the two volumes Seija and Raivo, he has now decided to return to Hyperversum, the fictional universe his audience has loved the most, with a stand-alone story, fully enjoyable even by those entering this world for the first time.