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Valiano de’ Nieri has had to accept the role of head of the family and magister of the Arcani, prodigious human beings capable of invoking ether, the fifth element of nature which, by combining with air, water, earth and fire, allows them to govern their power. Valiano moves to Venice in the company of his beloved Selvaggia, who regards him as a brother, and the ex-mercenary Manente, who contends for the girl’s love, but the other Arcani and the Holy Militia look at him with suspicion, and when the Serenissima is disturbed by heinous crimes, the circle seems to tighten around Valiano. But who plots against the magister?

Cecilia Randall (a.k.a. Cecilia Randazzo) published the novel Hyperversum in 2006, with which she won the Insula Romana National Literary Award, followed by da Hyperversum – Il falco e il leone e Hyperversum – Il cavaliere del tempo. The novel Gens Arcana came out in 2010, while the two volumes of his latest saga, Millennio di fuoco – Seija e il Millennio di fuoco – Raivo came out between 2013 and 2014. In 2018, Lucas dalle ali rosse has been published by De Agostini.