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I signori del cibo. Viaggio nell’industria alimentare che sta distruggendo il pianeta

The over-population business will be the most profitable business in the near future.The world population is constantly increasing. In 2011 the 7 billion mark was reached. According to UN projections, the figure will reach 9 billion in 2050, with a gradual, increasingly worrying growth as food resources become scarcer and scarcer. A huge population bomb is expected to bust in the near future. Not only is the availability of food becoming inadequate; some densely populated newly developing countries, e.g. the PRC (People’s Republic of China), are also rapidly changing their eating habits, with a growing consumption of resourceand energy-intensive food, such as farmed meat. This potentially catastrophic situation is also an extraordinary business opportunity for groups investing in the sector. In an economic situation where investments in the financial market are increasingly risky, speculative capital is massively moving towards certain asset back-ups, including staple food products, land for food production and the agro-food industry in general.Major financial groups, multination agri-business corporations and merchant banks are investing billions of dollars into producing and marketing a type of food which will become more and more expensive for consumers, and consequently more and more profitable for sellers.Financed by Charlemagne Foundation onlus and Coop

Stefano Liberti is a journalist. His international reports appears since years on il manifesto and other major international newspapers and magazine. With his first book, about migration routes from Africa to Europe, he has won the 2010 Indro Montanelli Prize for Journalism, the Marco Luchetta Prize and the Carletti Prize for Social Journalism.