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Il bambino nascosto

Foreign rights sold:
France: Éditions Liana Levi; Germany: Folio Verlag


Winner of “Isola d’Elba-Raffaele Brignetti” 2020 Prize.

An incredibly moving and unexpected story to be adapted in a feature film scheduled for 2021

A captivating story of friendship, full of twists and turns, against the background of a threatening and yet at the same time strangely protective Naples.

The protagonists of this novel are Ciro and Gabriele, but also Organized Crime, the “Camorristi”, their families and the entire neighbourhood: a wide spectrum of characters who come to life before the readers eyes and that, all with their merits and their many flaws, their human and at times inhuman mistakes but who all stay. Ciro desperately wants to grow up to become just like the adults in his life and speaks a strong and vulgar dialect, clearly out of his own age, but he is still undeniably a child and he shows it when he falls asleep like and angel or when he wants to have fun and play with Gabriele. On the other hand, Gabriele tries to come to terms with his homosexuality and feels truly alive only when he’s in danger or when he tries at all costs to save that child who is not his, but who become as one of his own when he unexpectedly shows up on his doorstep. And then there’s Renato, Gabriele’s brother and a prosecutor, a contrived man and a phony. A range of complex and intriguing characters whose lives cross paths throughout the novel and who will eventually have to face their paradoxical and liberating truth.

Option on film /TV rights to Bibi Film.

Roberto Andò

Roberto Andò is an Italian director and writer. He made his film debut with Il manoscritto del principe, dedicated to the last years of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. He worked as assistant director with Francesco Rosi and Federico Fellini, later with Michael Cimino and Francis Ford Coppola. His most important works: Viaggio segreto, Sotto falso nome and Il manoscritto del principe. His literary debut was Diario senza date o della delazione (2008).