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Il capitalismo e il sacro

Il capitalismo e il sacro


One of the most significant forms of creative destruction which capitalism has enacted upon the modern world is its destruction of religion. To destroy a religion, the first step is to undermine communities and isolate people by turning them into individuals. And capitalism has done this particularly well, but that’s not all. Capitalism became a new form of religion that calls for an exclusive form of worship and replaces Christianity. In his book Il capitalismo e il sacro, Luigino Bruni – Professor of Economics at LUMSA Universita in Rome – explores the intertwining of economy and religion showing their archaic roots up to the sophisticated outcomes of postmodern society.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Economics / Industry / Management

Publishing house:

Vita e Pensiero

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 128

Price: 13

ISBN: 9788834340158

Foreign rights manager: Lucia Scacchi

Premi: Premio Letterario Ambasciatori presso la Santa Sede 2020

Il capitalismo e il sacro

Luigino Bruni

Luigino Bruni is professor of political economy at the Lumsa University of Rome. Columnist of the newspaper «Avvenire», Consultant of the Department for the Laity, Family and Life of the Holy See, Coordinator of the Economy of Communion Project and Scientific Director of the School of Civil Economy and of the event The Economy of Francesco. He is the author of essays translated into a dozen languages.

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