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Il labirinto della coscienza. Lo strano caso del signor Kurt

Nuremberg, winter of 1964. Stationmaster Kurt Weber suffers from a somatisation disorder. A sore arm forces him to ask for time off work in order to be able to take care of himself. Eva, his wife, advises him to undergo psychoanalytic therapy after he, a keen painter, has started painting strange, distressing and repetitive figures, as well as having increasingly recurring nightmares. So the man starts to attend Herta Benn’s studio, but the relationship between patient and therapist is immediately confrontational, turning into a challenge set up by Mr Kurt to unsettle the doctor. He manipulates her. He misleads her to prevent her from grasping what lies behind the somatisation. In the meantime, his family equilibrium is also crumbling. But why does Mr Kurt hate the colour green? And whose eyes come back to visit him every night in his nightmares?


Enrico Stabellini, from Ferrara, graduated in Philosophy from the University of Bologna and in Psychology from the University of Padua. He attended a postgraduate course in Behaviour Analysis and Modification and a Master’s in Forensic Psychopathology. He has taught Italian Literature and History in secondary schools; he has been School Headmaster in secondary schools. He has published four novels.