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A tender illustrated story to explain the attachment theory to adults and children, written by a best seller psychotherapist of  the evolutionary age.

A gentle and poetic story to accompany parents and their kids on a journey in the attachment relationship between them in time, before – but above all – after birth.Entrusted to the illuminating metaphor of a “ ball of yarn-parent” that unrolls more and more, all the child’s stages of growth are represented by a light red thread that unravels through the pages while exploring the world around it. Words and illustrations return the key concepts of this path, characterised by opposites (protection and exploration; dependence and autonomy, inside and outside) to helps families understand with serenity this relationship and how it changes.The attachment theory by J. Bowlby, which inspires this book, is the absolute reference to understand which educational style to offer in all the growth stages of children. The attachment styles developed in the first months of life mark the lifelong emotional ties .

Alberto Pellai is a doctor and a psychotherapist of the evolutionary age as well as a researcher at the department of bio-medical sciences at the Università degli Studi di Milano. In 2004 the Ministry of Health awarded him the silver medal of merit. His books have sold more than 200.000 copies only in Italy.