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The Little Prince is a poetic eulogy to childhood and at the same time a little sentimental education. What does a little prince eat? Little: “he is never hungry or thirsty, a little sunshine is enough”. It is precisely this diversity that gives rise to a new reflection on the meaning of food and even nourishment, in an enchanted and philosophical world, takes on more nuances, different flavors, seductive and unexpected. The kitchen of the Little Prince by Daniela Messi proposes an alternative path to read the masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: the kitchen of seeds, the kitchen of the stars, the kitchen of flowers. Attention, however: not “based on” flowers, but “for” flowers, like the breakfast that the Little Prince serves to the flower that has just woken up when it is time for coffee and milk.

Daniela Messi

Daniela Messi is a writer and publishing consultant.