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One learns to suffer, and unhappiness is an art that one learns from an early age, thanks to the teaching of those who came before us. Ancestors, grandmothers, aunts, great-aunts wind their way in a procession from afar, each with their own burden, to those closest to us: the mother. A devaluing and glacial mother for Serena, the protagonist of this story inspired by the author’s own experience. In search of a form of salvation, Serena sever ties with her family, her past, her friends, the country of her childhood full of memories. Until that terrible mother dies and the daughter returns after a long absence. Without losing the irony and acumen typical of her style, Silvia Ziche measures herself with her first book outside the confines of humour, sharing a private story that is nevertheless capable of speaking to that defenceless part, hidden in many and many of us. A personal and universal story that combines drama and comedy, with a profound and touching analysis of the relationship between mother and daughter.

Silvia Ziche, has freelanced for Linus, Smemoranda and Comix. As an author of graphic novels, she has published numerous titles, most of which have Lucrezia, her self-ironic alter ego, as their protagonist. Her publications include Amore mio (Mondadori, 2004), Prove tecniche di megalomania (Rizzoli Lizard, 2009), È tutto sotto controllo (Edizioni BD, 2011), Un ex è per sempre (Rizzoli Lizard, 2015) and …e noi dov’eravamo? (Feltrinelli, 2018).