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La guerra. L’ora dei dannati. Vol. 3

The two groups of damned finally gather in the Earthly Paradise, where the Messenger Matelda rages, whose aim is to exterminate all the unpurified souls who have taken refuge up there. Pier delle Vigne convinces everyone that the relative peace of the Terrestrial Paradise will always be in danger as long as the Messengers are there: to neutralise them once and for all, he proposes to recover from the Valley of the Princes a sword forged by Manfredi’s followers. This weapon could cut the chains with which the Fallen Stars are imprisoned in the heart of the mountain, a threat before which even the Messengers would be reduced to reason. An extremely dangerous mission that will lead the damned, in a succession of twists and turns, to the apocalyptic and surprising finale.

Luca Tarenzi, a graduate in History of Religions, works for various publishers as translator, editor and consultant. He made his debut in 2006 with the (urban fantasy) novel Pentar – Il patto degli dei, and has since published a dozen novels and collections of short stories, as well as two essays (La sciamana del deserto and La più breve storia dell’urban fantasy che si è mai vista). In 2020 he published with Giunti L’ ora dei dannati. L’abisso, a fantasy set in Dante’s inferno.