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L’abisso. L’ora dei dannati. Vol. 1

There are five of them, the dregs of the human race. God hates them. Virgil guides them. And they have a plan: to escape from Hell. After accompanying Dante on his journey, Virgil, who has glimpsed the divine light on the mountain of Purgatory, cannot return to Limbo. He is destined to remain in Inferno, where he can move freely, though always at the mercy of the violence of the fallen angels, the broken ones. Because of this peculiarity he becomes a key cog in the ambitious plan of Pier delle Vigne, who intends to gather a select group of the damned – Count Ugolino, Filippo Argenti and Bertran de Born – to escape from Hell. A fantasy set in a magnificently described Dantean Inferno: a prison tale; a story of redemption full of twists and exciting fights, until the incredible finale that leaves open the destiny of the five extraordinary anti-heroes.

Luca Tarenzi, a graduate in History of Religions, works for various publishers as translator, editor and consultant. He made his debut in 2006 with the (urban fantasy) novel Pentar – Il patto degli dei, and has since published a dozen novels and collections of short stories, as well as two essays (La sciamana del deserto and La più breve storia dell’urban fantasy che si è mai vista). In 2020 he published with Giunti L’ ora dei dannati. L’abisso, a fantasy set in Dante’s inferno.