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La Metà di Bosco

La Metà di Bosco


Salvo Calvi is an insomniac, but he’s also a specialist who works at the Sleep Clinic. A friend invites him to a Greek island where, during a boat trip, a girl falls overboard and disappears. This is no mystery novel, however. The story takes the reader on a journey into the depths of loss – at once painful and peaceful, sad and quietly desperate. Laura Pugno’s writerly talent shines through in La metà del bosco. Displaying a crisp, cool yet caring style, her eerie stories push the envelope. In Ragazza selvaggia and the now-classic Sirene, she blurs the lines separating the human from the animal, in this story she ventures into the realm of angels, and crosses the threshold between the human and the amiably superhuman.

Genre: Narrative

Subject: Psychology

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Venezia

Number of pages: 138

Price: 15,20

ISBN: 978-88-317-1043-5

Foreign rights manager: Grandi&Associati Agenzia Letteraria

Premi: La Ragazza selvaggia, finalista al Campiello 2017

La Metà di Bosco

Laura Pugno

Laura Pugno published a book of short stories, Sleepwalking (Sironi, 2002), and four novels: Sirene (Einaudi, 2007), Quando verrai (minimum fax, 2009), Antartide (minimum fax, 2011), La caccia (Ponte alle Grazie, 2012) and La Ragazza Selvaggia (Marsilio, 2016). Poetry:  Il colore oro (Le Lettere, 2007), La mente paesaggio (Perrone, 2010), Bianco (Nottetempo, 2016).

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