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La mia Battaglia. Conversazioni con Letizia Battaglia

“Letizia Battaglia: Conversations” contains a never-before-published dialogue that took place towards the end of the photographer Letizia Battaglia’s life as she spoke with film director Franco Maresco about mental health, the mafia and antimafia, theatre, cinema, and the city of Palermo, where both were born and with which both had a love-hate relationship. The two met when she was very young; the night before, Maresco’s neighbour had killed his wife and a crowd of doctors, police and journalists had gathered around his home. Among them stood Letizia Battaglia, a cigarette hanging from her mouth and a camera in hand, with her blonde bob, long colourful skirt and clogs, the typical feminist outfit at the time. From then on, the two would meet numerous times; Battaglia would go on to become the best-known photo reporter on the Mafia and Maresco the most heretical Italian director.

Franco Maresco is an Italian screenwriter and director, famous for the TVshow Cinico TV, written with Daniele Ciprì, and for the docu-film Belluscone: a Sicilian History