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La tua voce ora è grido

La tua voce ora è grido

Love you for who you are this, just looking at you without being able to touch you, remembering your hand,remembering your arms, remembering every little thing which was refuge and warmth.

From   silence   to   scream.   The   courage   of   Marinella’s   word   begins   in   her   fragility:    within   this   silence   that,   spreading,   defining   herself,    speaks.   A   fragility   given   by   the   subtraction   that   is   lack:   the   empty   place   of   something   that   was   there   and   that   is   no   longer   there.   And   then   the   poetry   happens…   digs   into   nothing,   gets   a   voice   out   of   it,   teaches   to   sing.

Genre: Poetry

Publishing house:

Argentodorato Editore

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Ferrara

Number of pages: 105

Price: € 8,00

ISBN: 9791280273109

Foreign rights manager: Eleonora Belletti

La tua voce ora è grido

Marinella Brandinali

Marinella Brandinali was born in Milan. Writer since childhood, she has published several collections of poems and short stories: Mare… Vento… e Anima (Pages, 2016), 20 Possibilità di essere donna (Pluriversum, 2017), Simbiosi di un respiro (Pluriversum, 2018). La tua voce ora è grido is the new collection of her verses.