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La zona rossa

La zona rossa

Foreign rights sold:
USA, Spanish (Latin America), Korea, Slovenia

On a night like any other, in a town like any other, the ground shakes for the first of many times. Matteo, Giulia, Federico have a normal life: they have friends, family, go to school and swing between happy and sad like any other kid. Then, in a single night, everything changes. An earthquake hits and devastates their town, their security and their daily lives. Can anything be left after everything has gone? The kids come to understand that life goes on, and that, even amid the rubble, the roots for a stronger friendship can be laid.

A vivid and poignant portrayal of what it’s like to live through an earthquake

Winner of the 2018 “Attilio Micheluzzi” Prize as “Best Graphic Novel for Kids”

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

editrice il castoro

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 144

Price: 14,50

ISBN: 9788869662287

Foreign rights manager: Andreina Speciale

La zona rossa

Silvia Vecchini, Sualzo

 Sualzo  is an highly acclaimed comics illustrator. He won the Festi’DB di Moulins in 2009, for L’Improvvisatore, and was named finalist in the Micheluzzi Award in 2010.

Silvia Vecchini, writes picture books, novels, poetry and comics. She runs workshops and creative writing classes. They co-wrote Fiato Sospeso (Tunué), winner of the Boscarato Award and Orbil Award, and the Gaetano e Zolletta series (Bao Publishing).