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Sara isn’t much of a talker. Too much has happened – the accident, her parents’ separation, the fight with her best friend – and  something’s blocked inside her. Then fate brings an unexpected teacher into her life: the elderly Mr. T., with his ageless stories and passion for the Hebrew alphabet, which Sara begins to study. Is he just a crazy old man? Possibly. But thanks to those mysterious alphabet letters, an odd clay creature enters Sara’s life. And with it, slowly but surely, words return to her – the ones that count most in life: friendship, family and possibly even love.

Silvia Vecchini (author) is the author of illustrated books and novels for children, poetry, columns for magazines and comics. She plans itineraries for schools and meets children in libraries and bookshops for readings and workshops. She won the Boscarato Award ’12 and the Orbil Award ’13.

Antonio ‘Sualzo’ Vincenti (illustrator) is an author of comics and illustrator, collaborates with Italian and foreign publishers. He won the Boscarato Award ’12 and Orbil Award ’13.