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Le cose giuste

Le cose giuste


From Strega Award finalist Silvia Ferreri, five stories of women whom life has chosen to challenge. And who chose to tell their stories, to start over again.

“Silvia Ferreri shows no restraint in her description of the abyss of thinking, of feelings, of the sense of guilt. Her stories become a testament for everybody.” – Il Messaggero –


We only discover what we are truly made of when life puts us to the test, when something breaks and forces us to pick up the pieces, to stand up and start again. Marica, Anna Rita, Cristina, Valeria and Marisa have been challenged by destiny. The existences they had built, made of love, dreams, and family, were destroyed in one fell swoop, leaving them exposed where it hurts the most. All, at some point, were forced to wonder what was the right thing to do. Like Marisa, who put her life and that of her children on the plate to rebel against the ’Ndrangheta. Or like Marica, with hopes hanging by a thread as she waits to become a mother. Cristina, betrayed by her beloved Church, wonders how much faith it takes to really be saved. Then there is Annarita, who with all her love tries to take care of a daughter struggling with her own body. And finally Valeria, who with extraordinary strength takes back every desire that fate would like to deny her. Managed with the same care we reserve for incandescent materials, Silvia Ferreri tells the true stories of these five women to highlight that solid centre, that hidden but unexpectedly powerful point, that reveals who we truly are when confronted with difficulty.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 224

Price: 17,00 €

ISBN: 9788817155731

Foreign rights manager: Sonia Finotello

Premi: Finalista Premio Strega 2018 con \

Le cose giuste

Silvia Ferreri

Silvia Ferreri, journalist and writer, was born in Milan and lives in Rome with her photographer husband and their three children. She was an author for Rai Tre and Tv2000 and has collaborated with Corriere della Sera’s Io donna. She currently works for Rai News 24 and is the author of the Radio Rai program: Mangiafuoco sono io.

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