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Le parole per difenderci (The Words That Save Us)

Le parole per difenderci (The Words That Save Us)


The first complete guide exclusively dedicated to the manipulative communication, to its consequences and to the techniques to face it, avoiding the stress.

We are litterally surrounded by people who cause us annoyance and stress, because they are trying to dominate and overpower us in every field of our life: family, couple, friendship, school, and work.

They are the relational manipulators, that use, as favourite weapon to hurt us, the communication.

Long pauses, motiveless silences, lies, ambiguous and contradictory messages, are only some of the ways they utilize for make us feel inferior, and constantly affirm their presumed superiority.

Cinzia Mammoliti, counselor and teacher specialized in criminology, one of the best Italian expert about relational manipulation and psychological violence, writes the ultimate guide to help us identifying, handling and unmasking the manipulative communication.

A self-help manual indispensable both for women and men that, at least once in a lifetime, felt in the twisted spirals of a little clear and very destabilizing communication, that often comes from those persons that should care the most about us.

Genre: How-To

Subject: Practice / Self-help / Personal development

Publishing house:

Edizioni Sonda

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 144

Price: € 12,50

ISBN: 9788872240854

Foreign rights manager: Maria Teresa Sirna,

Le parole per difenderci (The Words That Save Us)

Cinzia Mammoliti

Cinzia Mammoliti was born in 1967 and went to Law school with a Criminology subspecialty. After having worked for years in the field of youth criminality, she is currently working both in the private and public sector as a trainer and a lecturer. She is also Professor of Psychology at the State Administrative School and acts as a consultant for strategic communication and conflict resolution for several Police stations throughout Italy. Visit her Website: