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L’erede. Una cristologia

A man stands out on the scene. A free man. He puts forth a new way of relating to the God of Israel. This is not something completely new, but a powerful revival of themes already present in the tradition of his people, which he pushes to the extreme consequences: the fatherhood of God towards everyone and everything, the dignity of feeling his loved children, and the enormous task to treat others like brothers. He is the heir. The one who knows how to receive and transmit what he has received by impressing his unique trait on it.

Many are fascinated by this figure. For others all this is simply too much: socially very dangerous, and almost blasphemous from a theological perspective. Events precipitate and the man is killed.

However, precisely in death, this figure will release his vision of God in all its strength. A vision that from then on will never cease to attract, to scandalize, and to provoke reality. Today like yesterday. From this story the idea of ​​God emerges forever overturned, and with it the forms of power, freedom, and human identity.

The Christian dogmatics presented through engaging events, with the flavor of a contemporary novel.

L. PARIS (1977), is a lay theologian and a permanent professor of dogmatic theology at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences «R. Guardini» in Trento. He teaches also at the Institute of Religious Sciences of Bolzano, at the Theological Faculty of Triveneto (Padua) and in the psychology department of the Catholic University of Milan. Member of the Italian Theological Association, he directs the Italian edition of the international theological journal Concilium.