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L’Inganno della Lentezza

L’Inganno della Lentezza


A journey on foot along the Via Francigena becomes, step by step, something deeper. A book that is good for the soul.

Venture on a journey on foot simply to take a different holiday than usual and realize, along the way, that you have embarked on something different, an inner and deep ’journey’ in the most hidden meanderings of the soul. Finding out that solitude and silence heighten sensitivity, too often mortified by a schizophrenic everyday life, and that ’slowness’ is not a defect but a formidable magnifying glass on the world, on people and above all on our lives. Suddenly feel the urge to ’slow down’ in order not to miss the moments for which it is really worth living and understand that ’slowness’ is a medicine that can heal us from the frenzy of living and get closer to the ’Sense’ of existence .

Genre: Narrative

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

Publishing house:

Primiceri Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Padova

Number of pages: 174

Price: 15

ISBN: 978-88-3300-180-7

L’Inganno della Lentezza

Enrico Tommasi

Enrico Tommasi (Salerno, 24 October 1961) is a notary and for some years he has discovered a passion for narrative writing. This is his second work after the highly appreciated autobiographical novel ’I Ragazzi della via Boeri’, selected and presented at Bookcity Milano 2019 and finalist among the first works at the International Literature Prize City of Como.