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A silent book for grown-ups, based on a short story by Charles Dickens. An unsettling ghost story told through the illustrations of talented artist Paolo d’Altan.From the top of the hill, a man spots the person in charge of guarding the entrance to the railway tunnel. After catching up with him, he notices that the signalman seems to be uncomfortable: he doubts that he has seen him before, right in front of the tunnel entrance. The narrator reassures him, telling him that he has never been there before and, the next day, returns to visit him. It is then that the signalman confesses to him that he is haunted by ghosts: every time he sees one, something terrible happens on the stretch of railway where he works. And now he is even more disturbed because he suspects it is about to happen again, without him being able to do anything to prevent it. The narrator finds it hard to believe him: is there really a connection between those disturbing apparitions and the incidents that occurred during those months? Or is it just hallucinations? Step by step, Dickens drags the reader into an increasingly dark tunnel: will the protagonist manage to find the light?

Paolo d’Altan.,(illustrator) He lives and works in Milan. Passionate about the drawn and moving image ever since he was a child, after classical high school and art school at Castello Sforzesco, he worked as a freelance illustrator for advertising agencies, magazines, websites, and then landed in the world of publishing, illustrating countless covers and children’s books. He has won numerous awards, including two prestigious Andersen awards and White Ravens.