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In ‘Lost in the sky’ the author reports all the cases of missing and never found commercial aircraft, starting from the postwar years. We will thus discover that not only the Oceans, but also the Mediterranean has swallowed aircraft never tracked, until reaching the flight of the mystery that currently engages researchers and scholars from all over the world: the Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014 between Kuala lumpur and Beijing. The purpose of this book is therefore to make the reader aware that the case of the missing Malaysian plane is by no means the first event of a \’lost in the sky\’ plane. What we rather hope is that it is perhaps the etymology and, as such, that this text should not be updated with new cases.

Founder and administrator of the English-language site on aviation accidents which includes and classifies all commercial aircraft accidents from 1951 to today with real-time updates. The site publishes newsletters on air accidents, flight safety and offers the possibility of comparing statistical data.