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For the Italian public, the topic covered in this text represents an absolute novelty. It speaks of \’accidents\’ unfortunately very frequent that occur during flights and that can cause damage to the health of the flight crew and the passengers themselves. The events are well known by the airlines which, however, have every interest in treating them subdued, not to advertise them too much. In fact, if you ever run into a fume event, you would do well to contact your doctor and point out what you have learned from reading this book. It is certainly no coincidence that the problem of fume events is assimilated to the asbestos case as it has the characteristic of not highlighting the damage in conjunction with the event, but rather shows its negative effects over time. And it is precisely based on this detail that the airlines have been slow to take corrective measures and it is no coincidence that the first to take action were pilots and cabin crew.

Founder and administrator of the English-language site on aviation accidents which includes and classifies all commercial aircraft accidents from 1951 to today with real-time updates. The site publishes newsletters on air accidents, flight safety and offers the possibility of comparing statistical data.