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A mystery in reverse, about someone who reappears in bizarre circumstancesA classic story of friendship, love, and memory that helps us to find the truthLudovico receives a contact request on Facebook from Febo, his best friend from when they were young, they were always inseparable. The problem is that Febo died twenty years ago. Is this a joke? A person with the same name? To solve the enigma, Ludovico traces their indelible friendship from its roots, starting at the University of Pavia in the early 1980s. Febo is brilliant, cultured, tormented, and a seducer; Ludovico, on the other hand, is a rustic and solitary son of the mountains, in perennial discomfort. They will share the best days of their lives with one another: the nights that seem eternal and the loves that lasted but a moment, the music and the arguments about philosophy, the freedom they conquered and then immediately lost to the world of addiction. This coming of age novel is a moving and entertaining story of a great friendship in young adulthood that can be read in one sitting. It is an ode to time passing and altering us, an enigma that unravels in a surprising ending.

Enrico Fovanna (1961, Premosello, Italy) lives in Milan where he is involved in social issues, immigration and human rights. On November 9, 1989, the day the Berlin Wall fell, he was hired by the newspaper Il Giorno where he works to this day. Il pesce elettrico, his first novel, was awarded the Premio Stresa in 1996 and the Festival del Primo Romanzo prize in 1997. He has also published books with E/L and Utet and has filed field reports from countries under siege such as Iraq and Afghanistan.